View Full Version : Undocumented 1/8" phone jack on Controller

2008-07-16, 14:40
There is an undocumented 1/8" phone jack on the top of the Duet Controller. I called Logitech and all they would tell me is that it was for future upgrades. (I hope a headphone output) Anyone know what is intended for?


2008-07-16, 14:43
Yes, that is what it's intended for. Search these forums and you'll find out more info. In brief, all the hardware is in place, but the Controller firmware needs to be modified to enable it to get the audio stream. During the beta testing period some people got it to stream audio by running squeezeslave on the Controller. At present you can use it to listen to the Controller clicks sound effects.

2008-07-16, 14:44
It has been thoroughly documented here on the forum. In the future it will hopefully be used to listen to music streamed from the server.