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2008-07-16, 11:51
Hi Folks,

I have an SB3 wirelessly connected to my laptop, running SC6.5.2. While I can connect to my laptop through the web interface, the SB continues to show "connecting to slimserver" continuously, even when selection picked on the web interface is playing through the SB.

I cannot, therefore control SC through the remote. I have to restart SC on the SB to get rid of the "connecting to slimserver".

No problem connecting and controlling SqueezeNetwork through the SB.

thanks in advance for your help,


2008-07-16, 17:00
and still no luck.

(I know, I should have posted this in Beginners)

I've got the web gui, no problem. I can connect to the wireless network. SB just hangs trying to connect to SC.


2008-07-16, 17:35
What you're saying is just a little confusing.

In your first post, you say

"even when selection picked on the web interface is playing through the SB"

Are you saying that you can play music through the SB3 by using the web interface, even though the SB3 says "connection to SlimServer"??

Is this a new installation? It's worked in the past, and this problem has just recently come up?

2008-07-17, 09:58
That's exactly what was happening. And it wasn't a new install.

The problem was resolved last night through a clean re-install.

I do appreciate your responding to this, though, JJ.