View Full Version : ITs Dead Jim ! SB3

Blue Fishey
2008-07-16, 10:40
54Another one :)

SB3 with a internal power problem, looks like there is a short across the +5v line.

Any starters for 10 ?

Couple of quickies what is Q2 ? D1 and D3's purpose

Have searched and searched but can find info on the SB2 but not the SB3 !

Are the any power line diagrames ? I guess a dead cap or diode but need to under stand the power lines, with a multi layer board its proving more than tricky.

Tar Muchly


Blue Fishey
2008-07-18, 12:27

Pritty Please


Blue Fishey
2008-07-22, 10:22
It dead now :)

Those lovely people at logitech in the uk. Being swaped out had to prove it was destroyed !