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Chris Davies
2004-03-17, 00:35
Well, after posting this I found the FLAC drop out posts. It seems I am having the same problems with windows and Wma. I have no problems in reproducing the problem - it is every track every two seconds or so. This is odd since it worked perfectly when the new build first came out.
I am using wireless - but the signal strength is 100% and haven't added any wireless interference to my equation. I am going to try a wired link and see if that helps.
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Odd. The new wma support for windows was working fine for me. However, the squeezebox suddenly started to leave 2 second gaps in songs every 2 seconds or so. This doesn't happen when I play mp3s. Also, I haven't changed any of the settings on my server box or added any software (or hardware to my network) Any thoughts?