View Full Version : Squeezebox controller outdoors?

Daniel Agar
2008-07-14, 17:00
I'm a long time squeezebox user (I still have a slimp3 on my network)
thinking of getting a squeezebox controller for patio enjoyment. I was
wondering what the controller is like outside, mostly under direct sunlight
on a bright summer day, wireless range, etc.



2008-07-14, 19:58
I haven't personally tried, but several people have posted on here saying it's not so great. Next time I'm home in time to see some sunlight I'll give it a go :)

2008-07-14, 22:50
I use mine outdoors but like a lot of LCD screens of the sunlight is very bright then it can be problematic seeing the screen. I do find that this is worse if you are wearing sunglasses. Having said that it is no worse than your average mobile phone outdoors!

2008-07-15, 04:08
The wireless aspect works like a charm on our patio!

The screen was readable on a bright day (though I didn't try it in direct sunlight). As previously mentioned it's similar to trying to read a mobile phone screen, or the screen on a camera.

2008-07-15, 04:14
The screen on the controller is dimmer than my SE W880 mobile phone, making it difficult to read on a bright day. Luckily the controller can be used with one hand, leaving the other to shield the screen.

Wireless worked fine from the end of our 90ft garden.

2008-07-15, 05:57
I often use it outside. It's hard/impossible to read in direct sunlight, but it's never a problem to change the angle a little or, if necessary, shade it with the other hand.

2008-07-15, 05:59
wireless range is at least as good as my other devices. Readability outdoors is not great. I find the laptop is best if outside when sunny, but the controller is great on the porch or in the evenings.

2008-07-15, 11:43
I have used the controller outside at night when we have a back yard bonfire etc. I am probably 100-125ft away from the wifi router. Worked ok, i had a few issues with reception, but they were mostly cleared up with new SC software and controller firmware.