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Jon Warburton
2004-03-16, 13:16
I don't get a synchronise option. I had presumed you only get this option when you have two squeezeboxes as it doesn't appear with just one connected or one squeezebox and one non squeezebox player (such as winamp)


"Just" activate synchronization (in player settings on the web


On 13 mars 04, at 23:27, Jon Warburton wrote:

> I've been using my squeezebox for a few months and am very happy with
> it. In a few weeks I'm going to change my setup. In the new setup I
> want to place my wireless squeezebox and have only a power supply
> connection. I don't want to run any RCA / Digital cables from it. I
> think I can achieve what I want to by purchasing another squeezebox
> and linking them so Squeezebox 1 will be the remote control and
> Squeezebox 2 will be connected to the amp.
> However, does anyone have any ideas on how I can do this without
> forking out for another squeezebox. The server and the amp are in the
> same room. So the ideal solution for me would be if I can use the
> squeezebox to control the server and play the audio on the server and
> output via the servers audio card.
> I welcome your thoughts.
> Regards
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