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2008-07-14, 12:05
Just installed a duet and while my playlist titles show up, there are no songs in the playlists. This is both on the remote and on squeezecenter. I followed the tutorial on blanking out the music folder location in general settings, put the correct path for the xml file and music library under the itunes tab, and rescanned, etc. Still nothing. Any other suggestions? Thanks.

2008-07-17, 09:30
Glad I searched for other instances of this problem...I recently migrated to a new laptop as my primary Mac. Since the hard disk is smaller than the one on my old iMac, I transferred my iTunes library to an external disk. (I also transferred the actual Library files, not just the music, to make sure I could use the disk with both computers during the transition.)

Now I'm set up on the new computer. iTunes finds my library and playlists with no problem. The SqueezeCenter, told to use iTunes and that the files are on the external disk, has found all my songs, albums, playlists, etc. And it can find the songs by album or artist, and play them. But while it lists all my playlists, they all show up as empty when I try to play them. I've rescanned the whole library and also just rescanned the playlists a couple of times, but no dice. Help!

2008-07-17, 09:54
Can you open up the m3u file with a text editor? And see if the songs are listed in their old location? It may just be a matter of find/replace to update/change the paths...

A pain if this is the case, and the playlists aren't updated 'automagically'. I may be doing this soon as well. ie External library, as my internal 500GB dies a slow death due to heat.

2008-07-17, 10:50
...where's the m3u file?

2008-07-17, 11:47
Either in your main iTunes library folder, or in your "My Documents" someplace, un-confirmed as I am at work at the moment...

Do a search on one of the playlist names, across all of your hard drives if need be, let the system find 'em!

2008-07-17, 13:14
...iTunes creates separate files for playlists? I don't see m3u files anywhere, and there are entries in the iTunes Library.xml file that identify the playlists and reference the individual tracks. The playlists don't have a path statement, but if I follow the reference to the individual tracks, their path statements are correct.

2008-07-17, 14:30
Here's a snippet from one of (my wife's) PlayLists ---

#EXTINF:-1,Beware Of Darkness
E:\iTunes\Compilations\Concert For George [Disc 2]\2-05 Beware Of Darkness.m4a
#EXTINF:-1,Fast Car
E:\iTunes\Tracy Chapman\Tracy Chapman\02 Fast Car.m4a
#EXTINF:-1,When Doves Cry

So it does contain the path to my music folder - "E:\iTunes\..."

If you are looking in the library XML files, the playlists use keys to reference the tracks, if you follow the keys back then there is a path there as well ... plucked at random --
<key>File Folder Count</key><integer>4</integer>
<key>Library Folder Count</key><integer>1</integer>
<key>Track ID</key><integer>4398</integer>
<key>Name</key><string>No More</string>
<key>Artist</key><string>Cowboy Junkies</string>
<key>Composer</key><string>Traditional arr. Cowboy Junkies</string>

So these are all correct? Well, I guess my WAG wasn't correct!

2008-07-17, 16:10
...for iTunes to make separate playlist files. I didn't know it did that. I guess on the Mac it just keeps them in its native Library file, which is gibberish if opened in a text editor.

As you describe, the XML file opens with descriptions of the playlists that reference the included tracks by number. And if I find the entry for the track number, it has the correct path statement. I can play the track if I navigate to it in SqueezeCenter via artist name or album name; it's just that the playlist shows up empty.

But I've just noticed that the list of playlists in SqueezeCenter isn't right. I've changed the name of one playlist in iTunes, but even though since then I've run "Clear Library and Rescan Everything" more than once, the old name keeps showing up in SqueezeCenter. So it seems like my real problem is that I can't get SC to truly read in my playlist info.

2008-07-17, 20:34
The iTunes library file - is it under the same account as BOTH the Slim install and iTunes ripping? ie, is Slim reading the correct iTunes XML file?

And are both music folder and playlist folder under Slim settings the same? It is in my case, yours may differ.

2008-07-18, 04:31
realized late last night that the m3u files are Play Lists created within Slim itself, and not the iTunes playlists - sorry about that.

"use iTiunes" has been checked?

2008-07-19, 11:01
I discovered that I had both an 'iTunes Music Library.xml' and an 'iTunes Library.xml' file in my iTunes folder. (How that happened, I don't know--I have a suspicion, but I'm not going to try to re-create the problem to see if I'm right.) Looking at the files in a text editor, I realized that the former had the out-of-date information, while the latter had the current info. So I moved the out-of-date one into another folder, renamed the other one 'Tunes Music Library.xml,' and rescanned the whole library. And that seems to have done it!

Thanks for the suggestions--they got me poking around in the XML files, anyway.

2008-07-19, 12:28
i only know a lil bit about playlists...

but must the path be hardcoded?

isn't there a way to use a relative path somehow so if the drive location changes the playlist is still good?

2008-07-19, 16:29
Not in iTunes, as far as I know. The playlist info is stored in the Library the way alZmtbr described it: with references to the songs, whose locations themselves are hard-coded. When you tell iTunes to move the Library to another disk, it rewrites all the path statements. If you move your song files yourself--as I did once--you need to do a search-and-replace on the XML files to fix all the paths. Much better to let iTunes do it.

2008-07-20, 12:04
...for anyone who's still following this: apparently if you put your iTunes Library file (not the song files, the 'Library' database file) someplace other than the default location--for example, on an external disk--the .xml file is renamed 'iTunes Library.xml' rather than 'iTunes Music Library.xml.'


Even if you rename it, when you next use iTunes, it'll make a new 'Library.xml' file to record your changes. Unless tech support at Logitech has a workaround for this, I guess I need to either keep the Library file in the default location rather than on the external, or rename the file every time I add music and rescan the playlists.

2008-07-22, 13:05
This is interesting about the xml file location. I moved my entire library to a new computer and the path to the music files is different b/c I changed the file tree structure. So I guess the old library xml file still has the path to where the old library was and that's why it can't populate the playlists with the songs? So I have to go into itunes and create new paths to the songs?(probably have to refill the playlists from scratch right?) I think I understand the problem..I hope.

2008-07-23, 06:48
Well I still can't get it to work! What am I doing wrong? First of all my playlists work fine in itunes, so it's reading the xml file ok. That file is in the itunes music folder, above the folder that actually contains the music files. There's an itunes music library.xml and an itunes library.xml in the folder. I directed the path of the xml file in the squeezecenter settings to the itunes music library.xml file directly, not just the folder it's in. I'm not sure what to do under general settings for music location. I also have to put the itunes music folder and playlist path in there too even though the path is also under the itunes tab in the settings?

Someone said something about the xml file having to be in the default location. Where is that? My itunes library file and music are on my main hard drive with my OS. I'm utterly flummoxed.

2008-07-25, 23:53
I've just stumbled into what I think is a very similar, if not the same, problem.
I have a just built a SlimNAS that I have Squeezecenter 7 running on and all my music files copied over from my wifes PC so we can leave the SlimNAS 'ON' and access all the songs with our Sqeezeboxes.
Trouble is the goal was to turn OFF the wifes PC and leave the SlimNAS turned ON, (<45w), but we loose access to our Itunes Playlists because they are stored on her PC, which is now turned OFF.
We're wanting to use her PC to load songs and create playlists so we'll still be using itunes on it but I hadn't thought I'd loose access to the playlists.

Anyone got any ideas about how to make itunes store its playlists on a remote drive/machine/NAS ??

2008-07-26, 03:59
This issue has come up quite a few times and I believe the solution which some people use is to make a copy of the active itunes.xml file on the remote NAS or external drive, and point Squeezecenter to that. This is because itunes doesn't appear to support storing playlists on a remote drive. Should give you your playlists back (assuming all the paths are set up correctly).

However, the problem with using a copy of the itunes.xml file is that as soon as you change or update something in itunes, you need to make a fresh copy of the file. It's possible to automatically create a copy using something like Robocopy (in Windows).

2008-07-27, 00:12
I found a very super easy work around. I used TweakUI to remap the My Music folder on my wifes PC to the external drive, the NAS.
Itunes always wants to place the xml files in My Music but by using TweakUI I was able to go to "My Computer/Special Folders" and remap My Music onto the NAS.
It works a treat, all the playlists appear and she has know idea things have changed.
I'm now very happy :-)

2008-07-30, 12:12
I've tried moving xml files around and changing paths, and even tried to put the xml file back into the default location in Vista. I still can't get my playlists to show up. I can't believe I'm having such a hard time. Squeeze support wants me to re-install itunes, but I don't think that is the problem.

For those of you that use itunes, do you put the paths to the itunes music and playlists both under the general settings tab for music location AND the exact same path under the itunes tab for the itunes music and playlist locations?

2008-08-01, 23:02

On the Itunes tab I've got the "Itunes Music Library.xml location" pointing to the My Music folder on my wifes PC which has been remapped to my NAS by using TweakUI. see above.
On the Basic settings tab I have both "Music Folder" and "Playlists Folder" pointing to the folder containing all my media on my NAS.

Once setup reboot the Squeezecenter so it reloads these values and it shoudl work. Did for me anyway.
Hope that helps