View Full Version : Problems with wired connection.

2008-07-14, 02:58

I seem to be having one of those SB networking disasters.
I have 5 SBD's connected to a Netgear 1Gb switch with a ReadyNAS NV+ running Squeeze center.
The trouble I am having is the receivers seem hard to connect to the network. When I finally convince them to connect will not reconnect automatically after a power cycle.
I have tried the readynas as a DHCP. I have then tried a wpn824 which I am using a the wireless network as a DHCP.
I can not seem to figure out how to statically set the receivers ip? I find this option only in the wireless settings not the wired.
Even with a single SBD receiver connected directly to the wpn824 I can not seem to get it to recognize the network. Where my pc connected to the same cable DHCP 's and connects straight away.
Is there a way to telnet or ssh into the receivers and manually set up the ip's. Its such a pain to do it with the remotes especially when working in a 3 story building.

The same equipment setup using wireless in the same room seems to work fine. It just seems to be the wired connection.
I have event tried changing out the switch with no change.

Please help