View Full Version : Duplicate album appears on Duet for composer

2008-07-13, 00:41
On my Duet controller I am using the sort by album view and I am now seeing a second entry for the album if there is a composer set in the tags. I am seeing one entry for the album artist and a second just below it for the composer - this is with the recent SC 7.1 - 21662 from Saturday 10th July.

I am also having a problem with compilation albums - they are appearing correctly in SC as a single album (I have the disc number set and the compilation flag set) but on the Duet I am seeing the album repeated for each artist which is a real pain to try and play a compilation album. As I said they appear fine in SC so why do they show differently on the Duet and is there any way to get them to behave?

- Simon.

2008-07-13, 02:37
You can activate that the squeeze take the composer to the list of artists too. In the setup of library you have to deactivate the flag "composer", than the composers are not showmn as artists.
IMO this function is a perfect thing for looking to Mozart and so one. The artist is The Symphony Orchstra xyz, but the composer is Mozart.

2008-07-13, 02:47
Thanks but can you explain exactly what you mean about deactivating the flag - is this somewhere in the SqueezeCentre settings or on the Duet controller?

I have checked my SC settings and I do NOT have the check-box enabled for Composer, Conductor etc.

2008-07-13, 04:24