View Full Version : Why am I getting this again ?

2008-07-12, 11:54
1203 albums with 12854 songs by 0 artists.

I'm sick of having to constantly rescan my library.

All I have in Artists is Various Artists, and nothing else.

This is happening too frequently for my liking, and I'm no nearer finding out why.

Does anyone have any ideas ?

2008-07-12, 20:51
Have you done anything that would have introduced a different type of tag? Like ID3.2v4 or APE? If you did mp3gain for replay gain it could have that effect. Maybe even MusicIP if you were using 3.1 tags. Something to check and see what type of tags you have now. Load some albums in mp3tag and see. Without more info that's about all I can suggest for now.