View Full Version : Am liking 802.11n!

2008-07-12, 11:10
So having set-up my D-Link DIR-655 and D-link DWA-547 PCI adaptor on the Vista music server, I thought some tests would be useful to see how the draft 801.11n link could cope. Plenty of peeps say a double wi-fi link isn't too clever.

In this config I was able to stream 24/96 FLAC to my TP, and 16/44.1 FLAC to my Duet, SB3 and Softsqueeze on my lap-top, all connected on wi-fi (802.11g). All at the same time!

Perhaps I won't have to run Ethernet cabling after all. WAF++

2008-07-12, 11:40
I've really enjoyed mine too. It really runs fast and reliable and even more so since the firmware update I did about 10 days ago.