View Full Version : Problems on XP Media Center

Charles Stanton
2004-03-15, 14:47
I installed the slim server on a machine with XP Media Center (2004) and
things seemed to install fine with no errors. But when I went to play
music, the songs would start fine and then after about 30 seconds or so
there was no more output, even though the squeezebox indicated it was
still playing. This behavior was duplicated with numerous other mp3s.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software on the XP MCE
machine, same thing.

The problem is not with the squeezebox itself, as I set up the
slimserver software on another machine (windows 2003 server) and
everything worked fine.

Are there any known compatibility issues with XP MCE and slimserver?
Has anyone else seen this or have a suggestion? Thanks.