View Full Version : Controlling SS with iTunes?

2008-07-12, 03:59
I see there was a thread a few years back about controlling a SlimServer with iTunes, but nothing since. I wonder if this is now possible in any way?

Apart from the fact that iTunes is a vastly faster interface than the SS web interface, I'm intrigued by the new Remote app for the iPhone, that lets you controll iTunes with a nice interface from the iPhone.

There are many times when I do want the features that SS has, but much of the time, to be honest, I'm just using it to play music from iTunes--just a connection, in effect, from iTunes to a set of speakers connected to my stereo instead of my computer. It would be nice to be able to control this all through the faster iTunes interface. (It would also satisfy my girlfriend, who's not interested in keeping track of different interfaces just to hear music at home!)