View Full Version : Status messages are not in sync ?

2008-07-11, 02:08
I have SC7.01 running and use a SBD (SqueezeBox Duet).

When I view from my SC the status I see the following:
Player Information
Name: Squeezebox
Model: receiver
Firmware: 23
The IP address for this player is:
The Ethernet MAC address for this player is: 00:04:20:16:39:a1
Wireless Signal Strength: 60

When I use my SBD and in there browse to the Configuration\Advanced\SqueezeboxInfo I see the following:
Name: Squeezebox
Model: receiver
Firmware: 23
MAC: 00:04:20:16:39:a1
Wireless Signal Strength: 36

The signal strengths are different and shouldn't be I think.

2008-07-11, 12:35
Actually, the wireless signal strength has been removed from the controller in 7.1 because of this very issue, and the intention is to provide a much more fully featured system overview on the controller for 7.2.

more information can be found in these bugs: