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2008-07-10, 23:30
I don't own a Squeezebox Controller and I've never used Pandora on my Squeezeboxes. BUT, some searches through the forums didn't yield me much information on how it all worked together.

So.. how does it?

I don't suppose any graphics show up for the songs being played? Does the name of the song show up properly? Basic controls work as expected, etc..?

If any of this is well documented somewhere, just shoot me in the right direction.


2008-07-11, 01:23
To quote from my blog post about the Controller(http://blog.norman.cx/2008/05/17/logitech-squeezebox-duet-review-part-2/ ):

You access Pandora under the Music Services menu on the Controller. When you do you get the options:

* Your Stations
* Create a New Station
* Account Settings

You access you existing Pandora stations via the first option. The second option lets you create a new station by entering an artist name to search for. The final option lets you turn on the “Explicit content filter” and change the order you stations are sorted by.

When you open the “Your Stations” menu you are presented with a list of all of your Pandora stations. You can then open a station you can: play the station, add another artist to the station and rename/delete the station.

When you play a station it starts playing within a couple of seconds and the details of the current track are displayed in the “Now Playing” screen just as if you had played a track from your local music library. The “Now Playing” screen shows all the normal things: artist, track title, album title and the cover art.

If you press the select button on the “Now Playing” screen you get a list of actions connected with the current track. The actions are:

* I like this song
* I don’t like this song
* Don’t play this song for a month
* Bookmark (song or artist)
* Why did you play this song ?
* Create new station from artist
* Create new station from song

For those of you who use Pandora I’m sure you’ll recognise those actions and they work just the same way here as they would if you were using the Pandora website. This is just a brilliant way to use Pandora.