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2008-07-10, 20:22
I am having a strange issue with MusicIP & SS 7.1: some songs/albums/artists that are mixable in the Music IP Mixer application, and that are mixable via a direct browser call to the API are not showing as mixable in SlimServer.

I have SlimServer set to run a library rescan every night, and I have MusicIP enabled. I also have a path set for the music library, since the path scan will pick up some files that MusicIP just never recognizes for some reason.

I have the MusicIP reload interval set to 0, since when it was set higher SS was initiating rescans all the time, seemingly at random (i.e. when it appeared that the MusicIP library hadn't changed), and setting this to 0 stopped that problem.

In previous versions of SS, this setup worked fine - when the nightly rescan was triggered, it did a MusicIP import as well as a directory scan. But now, it appears that tracks I've added recently to MusicIP are not getting picked up as MusicIP-mixable tracks in SS, which implies to me that the MusicIP import is not running when the automat re-scan occurs.

What is the best way to test this theory? And has anyone else had this issue?

Thanks in advance for the help.

Brian Ritchie
2008-07-11, 17:12
Have you tried going to the MIP server page (default is http://localhost:10002/ I think) and reloading the cache? I think that the GUI (that does the analysis) doesn't tell the server when new stuff is available.

Occasionally, I'll find that mixes from the SC webiface are always Empty. Just visiting the MIP server page is often enough to fix this. (At least, it worked earlier tonight.)

-- Brian

2008-07-12, 10:08
Thanks, Brian.

I actually have a nightly task that runs on my computer and adds all newly added files to my MusicIP library before the scheduled SlimServer automatic rescan. I can see these tracks in MusicIP, and I can generate a mix using the MusicIP API in the web interface, but it seems that SlimServer doesn't know the tracks are mixable - I don't get an empty mix, rather I get no "m" icon at all.

2008-07-12, 13:49
I just set my MusicIP reload interval to 1, and it immediately kicked off a re-scan, here's the results:

Directory Scan (3 of 3) Complete 01:17:03

Playlist Scan (24 of 24) Complete 00:01:50

Merge Various Artists (6262 of 6262) Complete 00:01:53

Database Cleanup #1 (60989 of 60989) Complete 00:13:27

Database Cleanup #2 Complete 00:01:08

Database Optimize Complete 00:03:17

SqueezeCenter has finished scanning your music collection.

As you can see, the MusicIP import never happened. Is this a bug in 7.1? I couldn't find any reference to it in bugzilla, but I'm not sure if I should add it - I can't tell if it's a bug or if my settings need to be changed.

Brian Ritchie
2008-07-12, 15:29
So the MIP import isn't happening at all. Yet you can still generate mixes from *some* tracks... ? Odd!

I'm afraid this is new to me. If it's a bug in 7.1 then it's one I've so far avoided (touch Formica). For a long, long time, I could only generate mixes from playlists; I'm still not sure what finally fixed it! But I'm fairly sure that recent additions are mixable (yes, just tried one now; well, first mix was Empty, so visited the MIP server web page which seems to kick-start it somehow). When I add new music, my "workflow" is:

- rip and tag
- run MIP GUI and let it find and analyse new tracks
- once it's finished, visit the MIP server web page
- this should tell me that the cache has changed on disc
- click "reload cache"
- now start a scan (usually for new/changed) in SC
- go for a long walk or something :-)
(MIP import *always* takes 30 minutes, no matter how little new stuff there is!)

So far, that's always worked.

BTW, I still have the Music folder checked in SC as well. Most instructions suggest leaving this unchecked, but it doesn't seem to do me any harm, and I hit other problems (no artwork!) when I tried unchecking it.

-- Brian

2008-07-14, 10:58
Exactly, the MIP import seems to be getting skipped entirely. The tracks that are mixable were already marked as mixable before I upgraded to 7.1 (but I don't know for sure if 7.1 is the issue).

I can make mixes from these songs in MusicIP itself, so I think this must be a SS issue. Off to file a bug...

2008-07-14, 11:10
Do the tracks show as mixable if you kick off a full clear and rescan from the web interface? I've had a couple of automatic overnight rescans fail on me recently and haven't quite worked out why. Planning to install a more recent nightly and keep an eye on it.

2008-07-14, 11:13
Haven't tried a full clear and rescan yet; I hate doing that so I'm holding that out as an absolute last resort (since it takes approximately forever).

Harry G
2008-07-26, 20:37
I have been testing MIP with about 2000 tracks to see if it made sense to use with my very large library.

I've been very happy with its functionality but when I tried to add a few more CDs I got similar results to those of tfish. Even though I could mix these newer tracks with MIP's own GUI and they showed up in Spicefly's web Gui, I can't get them to mix in SC.

In my case, MIP appears to stop the rescan completely after 70 to 80 tracks. When I finally tried a complete SC rescan, I get the following results. Note that it stops everything such that I now have no access to my artwork as the rescan stops before it even gets to the artwork rescan. I have now tried this several times and get consistent results each time.

Can someone please give me some direction?

SqueezeCenter Status
Information on all identified devices connected to SqueezeCenter

Library statistics

Total Tracks: 0

Total Albums: 0

Total Artists: 0

Total Genres: 0

Total Playing Time: 0:00:00

Music Scan Details
Directory Scan (2188 of 2188) Complete 00:00:56

C:\Music for now\Various - MaKEDONSKA 2 Macedonian Pop\Zuica Lazova - Cekame.mp3
MusicIP Import (70 of 2090) Running 00:00:06

C:\Music for now\Boozoo Chavis - hey do right\01 - Zydeco Cha Cha.flac
( of )

( of )

( of )

( of )

( of )

( of )

( of )

( of )

( of )

SqueezeCenter has finished scanning your music collection.00:01:02

Harry G
2008-07-27, 14:32
No need for reply.

Through debug in logging I figured out that a few files I picked up from a guy in a trench coat while I was walking down a dark alley in the bad part of town ;-)had cue files embedded in the tags. Apparently SqueezeCenter doesn't like this at all.

Once I moved these out of my music folder all went well. I'll try them again once I remove the offending text from the tags.