View Full Version : Squeezebox: Sound drop out with Flac files

Simon Turner
2004-03-14, 15:48
> With SlimServer 5.1.1 and Firmware 8, FLAC and AAC both decode to .wav
files on a SqueezeBox.
> In my tests today, I can correlate the skips in AAC > decoding with
sustained load on my Linux server
> resulting in pauses in sending data to the SqueezeBox. Whether this is
due to 'priority starvation' or
> some .wav/TCP stream bug on the SqueezeBox, I cannot say. I do not recall
anyone playing MP3s
> reporting the same skipping behavior. Therefore, I would remove wireline
network hardware from
> consideration as the cause of the problem.

> Since this problem appears with both FLAC and AAC, I would suspect the
common element is the root
> cause - SlimServer and how it handles .wav streams. It also appears to
occur in both WinXP and Linux.
> Both systems use external to slimserver.pl helper applications to decode
the streams. At minimum, I
> would be looking at that interface between processes. (In Linux, the
decoder has a "lower" execution
> priority than the server. This leads to my suspicion that the decoder is
being starved for cycles
> under heavy load.)

Yes. I have no problems with MP3's.
This sounds like a pretty good analysis to me... apart from the fact that I
get dropouts when I have
virtually no load on my WinXP box at all.
I've tried changing my windows settings to give services running in the
background priority over programs but if changing
this setting made any difference at all it made the problem worse.

I'm quite desperate for a solution to this.
Until it's fixed (one way or another), I'm back to CDs... :-(

Simon Turner
Brighton UK