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Nick F Ryman-Tubb at MindsI
2004-03-14, 12:58
Thanks - I'll see if I can find it!

I have noticed that even when the scan seems to be complete - the server is
still sitting there taking 30% or so of the processor time - which is not


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> Hi again
> I turned on the Squeezebox and hit information and can see the number of
> albums climbing - so the server is clearly re-scanning all my files again.
> Why when my PC starts does it have to re-scan all the files again - as
> is a slow process. In server settings, performance, I have the CACHE
> on for every option on that page. What causes the server to rescan the
> entire library?
It does need to scan fully so that it can write the info to slimserver.db.
file is still loaded each time you start the server, so you will still see
count increase when you start up. All this information has to be loaded
slimserver runs, as nothing of a program is stored in ram when its execution

--d_info will report details about the dbCache, but this info comes up right
after execution, so you will need to find slim.exe to do this.