View Full Version : Forget player/Reset player?

2008-07-09, 07:57
There used to be an option to "forget" a player in slimserver... I can't find that in Squeezecenter, is it still around somewhere?

Basically my problem is that my SB3 keeps insisting on reporting it's OLD ip address to the server. I recently had to change subnets, but the SB3 is stuck on the old one - no matter how many times I try to tell it to use DHCP or even set it manually... ! Any way to do a software reset or something?!

2008-07-09, 15:02
The "forget player" option has been removed in SC7. You can try a factory reset of the SB3. I don't remember exactly, but I think the magic incantation is to (a) power off the SB3, then (b) hold down the "+" key on the remote while powering on. If that's not it, check the wiki or search the forums.

2008-07-09, 20:32
This would be handy for playing remote streams.

I use this all of the time and noticed that with 7.0, SC will disconnect the stream shortly after playing has completed. This results in "winamp" being removed from the player list. If I'm not paying attention, I then end up adding music to the play list of another player, potentially hijacking a playlist my kids may be listening to at home. (It's a surprise when Raffi is interrupted by Porcupine Tree or Miles Davis. It's funny at first, but gets old).

The way I work around this is I hit play again, which reactivates the stream by playing the last-played song again. While this is playing, I browse what I'd like to play next and press play.

The other day, the last song played in the playlist was very short - 15 sec. or so. This method wouldn't work. Eventually I realized that I could pause the stream and follow my same work-around.

The best thing would be that this didn't happen where the player disappears from the player list because the playlist is done. Alternatively, if I could tell it to forget the player and restart with another stream, I could avoid the issue with the short file.

2008-07-31, 13:20
The issue brought up the by OP and the issue I raise above are resolved. If you bring up the page with the player settings, you will see "forget player" on the basic setting page.

I'm so happy that my player doesn't automatically disappear when the playlist ends. Though I grew used to it, it was still irritating.