View Full Version : Find playlists containing particular track(s)?

Brian Ritchie
2008-07-08, 16:14
When it works properly, I find the Notmad/Anapod Playlist Index very useful when replacing music on my mobile devices. For each track, it tells you which playlists it appears in. So when I redo one of my bad old WMA rips, I can use the index to note which playlists contain the tracks I'm about to remove, and to which I should add the new rips afterwards.

(That should be in the past tense, as I no longer use Notmad or Anapod, for various reasons. Much as I'd like to, this is not the place for a long moan about what a pain it is to replace tracks and maintain playlists on an unsync'd iPod.)

I'd find such a facility useful for SqueezeCenter as well, for two reasons: (a) I'm slowly replacing some very old and untrustworthy WMA files with shiny new AccurateRipped flacs; and (b) I'm considering a fairly big reorganisation of my music across multiple drives. Each of these changes makes a right royal mess of any references in playlists; and since SC has already done the hard work, it'd be nice to take advantage of it. ("grep 'track title' *.m3u" just doesn't always cut it :-) ).

It would be good to scale it up, at least to be able to find out which playlists contain tracks from an album.

Does anything like this exist at present?

I'm assuming that there's no easy way to maintain playlists during updates or moves. I guess my dream tool would be something that I can run to scan all my playlists after a re-rip or move, that applies a few heuristics to look for possible substitutes for missing tracks (.flac instead of .wma, punctuation/case, "Frisell, Bill" instead of "Bill Frisell", look in the MoreMusic folder/link, ...)

-- Brian