View Full Version : Foobar, JRiver etc. players with the Squeezebox

2008-07-08, 16:00
I am evaluating going for a Squeezebox Duet and a HP MediaSmart Server incl. the software Windows Home Server for storage and back-up. Use today a Labtop and Windows Vista. As the players as Foobar, JRiver, Windows Media Player all has it's own sound signature, is it possible to use any of these players and stream to the Squeezebox.

Is the SqueezeCenter also a player in itself and have to be used?

2008-07-08, 16:07
You can stream an mp3 stream from SqueezeCenter to any software player, but it's a lot more limited than a real player.

2008-07-08, 16:57
Squeezecenter is not a player in itself, but there is a software player called Softsqueeze which comes with Squeezecenter.

Like andy said, it doesnt make sense to hang onto wmp, foobar etc. You can only stream from Squeezecenter or Squeezenetwork.

2008-07-08, 21:01
Also - there is a plugin for J River on the forums here that will communicate to SqueezeCenter.

I use this same environment - WHS on a HP Mediasmart and an SB3 and a Duet - great combination.

2008-07-09, 07:11
Also, a user has recently written an applet for the Squeezebox Controller for accessing and playing JRiver libraries. I believe it's in early development still, but if you checkout the screencast he has linked in this thread, it appears quite operational: