View Full Version : stream sqeezecenter on host pc: how?

2008-07-07, 18:15
Just upgraded to squeezecenter from slimserver and it works great, but softsqueeze no longer works (tried to run it and a box came up to upgrade- I have 3.4 and the upgrade link was to 2.0 (????)) I realize that softsqueeze may no longer be compatible (is there a new version?), but it looks as though in the faq for squeezecenter that I can use any software mp3 player to stream- so as directed in the faq, running wmp 11 on xp on the host pc, I put and I get no sound. My music files are on drive f on a usb hdd, and I have no other problems. Have I put in the wrong url or syntax to get this to work?

thanks in advance

2008-07-07, 18:16
btw that ip address is the host pc address rather than the squeezebox address

2008-07-07, 18:32
finally got the softsqueeze to work, but in any case, is it possible to stream thru wmp11?

2008-07-07, 20:45
Yes it is, and what you did looks right on the face of it. Did WMP connect OK? You should initially just get a silent stream. Then you can use the web interface to switch to the new player and start something playing.