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2008-07-07, 01:54
I am am a longtime SB+ user which is connected fairly directly to my WHS via the router. Works perfectly streaming flacs or whatever. Now I have acquired a second box (wired only SB3) which is connected to the same network via a pair of 200mb Netgear homeplugs. This works fine for radio usually and a lot of the time it will work for music as well but it doesnt take much for it to start stuttering which drives my wife insane. Network Test suggests the throughput drops to about 75% at 1000. Marginal if nothing else is happening on the network, but one big download somewhere and its unlistenable. Ive tried all kinds of things at the homeplug end with no change that 1000 is just about the best it can do - must be the age of the wiring or something. The machine below is not used for critical listening though just background - I could live with 256 mp3 in that room. Is it possible to tell squeezecentre to transcode to mp3 just for that machine? I can't see how to do it. If anybody can do it can you give me step by step instructions!



2008-07-07, 02:05
Under Setting/ Player /Audio you can set Bit rate Limiting which will transcode everything into MP3 at the selected bit rate but you must have Lame installed.

Some internet streams will not be transcoded into MP3 - bit rate limiting is really intended for file audio.

2008-07-07, 02:22
Its telling me i dont have lame installed (though alien bbc works fine) so i downloaded the dll and put it in windows/system and restarted the whole box but it still tells me i dont appear to have lame installed. Is there any way to "tell"it

2008-07-07, 02:37
AlienBBC doesn't require lame.

You need to install the lame.exe not the .dll

2008-07-07, 09:12
Instructions: http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.php/LAMEForTranscoding