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2008-07-05, 18:24
I have an sb3 running wired to my gigaset sx 763 in turn wired to my imac (leopard) and I'm using Squeezecenter 7.0.1.
The sb3 is playing dead and I would love any help I can get to revive it.
After a couple of years of relatively trouble free use I began to have connection problems a few weeks ago. Often as not I would end up turning the sb3 off then on holding down the brightness button on my remote and doing a setup from there to get back to normal after the sb3 became unresponsive. This past week that has been a daily occurrence. Yesterday when I had the same lack of connection ( your player was not found on Squeezecenter) the sb3 would not restart with the off/on - brightness trick. I've also tried pressing and holding the add & left arrow buttons with no response.
I suspect some sort of network issue is the ongoing problem although I have no idea what it might be. My firewall allows incoming connections and, gulp, I don't have any anti-virus stuff.
The more pressing issue is the ...deadness.
I have a fairly low level of technical understanding of networks etc
I have sent an email to tech support but as it is a US long weekend I thought maybe someone here might have some ideas.

2008-07-07, 09:35
Does it come back if you pull the power and restart? I wasn't clear from your post whether you'd done the factory reset (Hold Add, connect power, release Add) or not. This should get you into setup mode, if not it sounds like a hardware problem of some kind.

2008-07-07, 17:27
Thanks for the reply and suggestion. No response to the factory reset so I guess I better start investigating the hardware repair angle. Funny thing is when I leave it plugged in turned on it stays slightly warm although completely unresponsive.
Ah well. I'm already missing it. Have swapped to softsqueeze in the interim but the speakers on my computer are not a good substitute for decent sound.

2008-07-29, 02:50
All credit to Logitech customer service for getting this sorted for me. Totally painless and professional. Phew!

2008-07-29, 04:08
All credit to Logitech customer service for getting this sorted for me. Totally painless and professional. Phew!

Out of curiosity, what fixed it? I have a dead SB3 and have tried the usual (swapped power supply, factory reset, xilinx reset, etc.) to no avail. I would love to be able to get it running without shipping it off for repairs.