View Full Version : Replay Gain = SB3 & SB1 in sync

2008-07-05, 13:10
I have a two squeezie set up; A SB3 in the living room and a vintage SB1G in the study.

I know the SB1G doesn't support replay gain and the SB3 does. I have noticed that if I sync the two players, the SB3 stops applying the replay gain rules to its program output. If I unsync the units, the SB3 again correctly actions the replay gain tags.

Is this how SqueezeCenter should handle the process? I had thought that each box would do its own thing according to its own functionality. Any ideas?

2008-07-07, 04:11
It is a bit hit-and-miss at the moment. The replay-gain policy applied to all capable players in a sync-group is that from the sync-group's "master" player. It depends upon which player joins another player's sync-group as to which is the master. Using the player-UI (the user interface on SB1/2/3, Transporter or SliMP3 players), the joining player will always be a "slave", and the original player is the "master", so if you build your sync-group in the necessary order (making the SB1 sync with the SB3) they you should get the desired effect.

This will be fixed in SqueezeCentre 7.2

2008-07-07, 18:15
Excellent. Thanks for the post. That makes logical sense and it is good to know that it is a fix for 7.2.