View Full Version : Amazing setup!

Andy Dannelley
2004-03-13, 15:57
I just got my 2 new Squeezeboxes (yesterday), and I am totally amazed.
I guess I forgot how easy the setup was, but it took less than 30
minutes, including unpacking and connecting and putting batteries in
the remotes, to get both new devices running.

I think the most difficult part of the setup must have been putting the
batteries in the remotes, because the Squeezeboxes practically set
themselves up.

Kudos (again) to the folks at Slimdevices.

My system now consists of one Slimp3 with WET11 and 2 wireless Squeeze
boxes all run by a G3 MT (OS X 10.2.8) on an Apple Airport Extreme
network. It is really neat to be able to walk from one place in the
house to another and hear uninterrupted music (at a normal level in all

Thanks again for a great product,


BTW: This discussion list always contains a wealth of information,
thanks to all who contribute.