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2008-07-05, 11:03
Dear All,

I have just received my new Controller. Since receiving it I have not been able to make it see my SC. Both the controller and SC 7.0.1 are on the same subnet, with the SC running on a WHS machine connected to the router via Powerline adapters. (the controller is obviously wirelessly accessing the router, a Netgear DG834N).

Once the controller gets assigned an IP via DHCP by the router, it will only give me the option of connecting it to the base module (as squeezebox). I do not have a base, and would like to control my transporter via the server. (the transporter is also on the same subnet).
The WHS firewall is correctly configured (3483 tcp/udp and 9000).

A further problem: I cannot access the Home Menu, even after repeated presses of the Home/switchoff button. I managed to access this menu only a couple of times; from there, via the submenu on the choice of music source, I could see my server, but could not select it permanently (the choice of music source chosen was squeezenetwork, on which I had previously registered the controller via its PIN).

Am I experiencing a hardware problem or am I committing a silly configuration mistake?

Thank you all in advance for any help you may provide


2008-07-06, 15:17
Does anyone have any clue?

2008-07-06, 15:27
Does anyone have any clue?

Try a firmware update (via SD card if necessary), failing which return it for a refund. Seems there are many of us experiencing significant issues with the Controller.

2008-07-06, 15:34
Go to Settings/Advanced/Factory Test and run the keypad test.

2008-07-07, 00:26
egd, bpa,

I have tried the update, but it failedI have also tried the keypad test, which confirms the full health of the keys (!).

I have not tried the update via SD, will have a look at that. Failing that, I will return the product. Not very happy, I must confess.


2008-07-07, 00:30
What is the FW version in the SBC ?

2008-07-07, 01:35
Do try the SB card upgrade, when i got my Controller it was on a very old firmware, that didn't help things. now it is ok.
The gotcha is that because the old fw don't work you cant get your upgrade, so SD card comes to rescue here.

What is the color of wifi indicator (the bars at the bottom of the screen) it should be white if it is for example blue you have network but it cant find your SqueezeCenter.

Interesting slightly of topic Q (sorry ).

What is the lead time in production it would be very practical to have the SBC and SBR delivered with fw that is matched with the official 7.0.1 software or soon the official 7.1 software.