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2008-07-04, 16:02
I just upgraded to SqueezeCenter 7.0.1 running on my custom built NAS box where all my music lives. The NAS box runs Debian and I use iTunes to organize my music on my MacBook and keep ratings, smart playlists, etc. I just moved the iTunes Library XML file to the NAS box and got it (sort of) working in iTunes so that I can use it with SqueezeCenter.

I imported the iTunes Library XML file into SqueezeCenter and told it that the iTunes library directory is the same as the directory where the music lives on the NAS box (it's actually not, I don't let iTunes manage any of my music on disk). Now I can see my iTunes playlists in SqueezeCenter but when I play them, nothing happens. When I press the 'add' button, nothing gets added, etc.

Within the iTunes XML file itself, the Location tags for the files look like this:


However, that's from the point of view of my MacBook, which mounts the NAS box in /Volumes/media. From SqueezeCenter's point of view on the NAS box, the music is all in /shares/media. I suspect that might be the problem here and I'm kind of surprised that path translation isn't working. Or maybe it's just not obvious to me what to do in this case.

2008-07-04, 16:24
After searching further on here and Google, I did the following:

1. Blanked the music folder in basic settings, so as to only get music info from the iTunes Library.xml file (this is not optimal for me but I'm doing it for troubleshooting)

2. Told SqueezeCenter my iTunes music folder was /shares/media, then when that didn't work, told it /shares/media/music

3. Told SqueezeCenter to clear and rescan completely.

It's finding 8 files out of about 3500 in the iTunes playlist. This is extremely weird. Why would it find 8 files and not all the rest? Also, the logs contain nothing helpful.

I really want to use my smart playlists in SC. Also, I don't organize my 'new' music (stuff I haven't listened to, tagged or checked for corruption) in iTunes but I want it available in SC, so the ideal solution would be to use BOTH my iTunes Library AND separately scan music in /shares/media/music/new.

2008-07-04, 16:57
If you are affected by this issue, please go vote for this bug:


I originally opened it in 2005.