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2008-07-03, 16:56
1) On 2 June, I placed my third order in Slimdevice On-line Store

2) Since Duet was in back-order, I received an email saying that I need to wait about 3 weeks.

3) I replied Slim Device an email saying that I wish to keep my order and wait.

4) On 20 June, I received an email saying my order was confirmed. (Since the status of Duet in On-line Store was no longer back-order, so I think they will ship my order soon)

5) I wait until 29 June, no email on shipping details (like the Tracking code) of my order. So I sent Slim Devices an email.

6) An incident in Slim Devices was created on my order and I received an email on 30 June saying that there is some problem on my billing address.

7) On the same day I sent them an email asking on the details of the problem, cause the information on two orders I placed before were just the same with the new one (same credit card, same billing & shipping address). In addition, I tell them I wish to keep my order.

8) NO RESPONSE FROM SLIM DEVICES SINCE THEN. I kept on update the incident on DAILY basis and asking for update.


Stop using that support system for customer to check their order, this kind of system may be good for technical support, but not order tracking.

Hire some customer service staff to answer the phone.

Details of My Incident
Re: Slim Devices Order Confirmation (1213981236-591)
Discussion Thread
*** Customer (Ronald Ng) 06/29/2008 07:58 PM
My order number is 1213981236-591

May I know when my order will be shipped.

I ordered Squeezebox Duet + extra receiver in early June. Since Duet was
out 0f stock, I received an email saying that I need to wait until late June.

In 21 Jun, I received the attached email, I thought duet in-stock again
and my order would be shipped soon.

But 10 days were gone, I neither received the package nor received the
tracking code for shipment.

From your online store, I know that there is no need to back-order duet.

May I know that status of my order? Have it been shipped.

The reason why I order from on-line store and pay for delivery cost is
because duet was not available in Hong Kong when I place my on-line order
in early June.

But Duet was available in store in Hong Kong last week. I can get it
easily in Hong Kong now, with a cheaper price tag and without the
expensive shipping cost.

Hope you understand my disappointment on my order.

*** Response (Matt P.) 06/30/2008 01:59 PM
Hi Ronald,
First of all let me apologize for the delay.There was a problem with the billing address on your order so it had not shipped. You sghould have received an email about this but I am guessing you never did.Would you like me to ship this order or would prefer to purchase a unit in Hong Kong and save on shipping? If so let me know and I will cancel this order and the associated charegs. Once again I apologize for the delay just le me know how to proceed.
Matt Parry
Logiotech SMBU
Inside Sales
(650)210-9400 X 5720

*** Customer (Ronald Ng) 06/30/2008 06:59 PM
I wish to keep the order and please ship it to me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Cause I just check the store in Hong Kong yesterday, it is out of stock again. May I know what is the problem of my billing address? It is the third order I placed in Slimdevice, the billing address, shipping address and credit card number were the same for all orders. (My recent order in April this year (Invoice Number: 1207193750-470)) I never have a problem on my billing address before and I don't think it is the problem.

*** Customer (Ronald Ng) 07/01/2008 05:09 PM
Any update?

*** Customer (Ronald Ng) 07/02/2008 09:44 AM
Any update????? x 2

*** Customer (Ronald Ng) 07/02/2008 04:15 PM


*** Customer (Ronald Ng) 07/03/2008 04:51 PM
Since I have not received any updated status of my order, I wish to CANCEL my order now.

Please CANCEL my order!!!

2008-07-03, 21:39
> Matt Parry
> Logiotech SMBU

(should get his signature fixed :-))

> Inside Sales
> (650)210-9400 X 5720

Did you try calling him? After all he's giving you his number.


2008-07-04, 00:25
Since there is 15hrs time difference with Hong Kong, so I need to call him 7am in the morning (around 4pm there).

I called 4 times from 7-8am this morning (4-5pm there) but all calls were diverted to voicemail.

Since I am in Hong Kong, so it is difficult for him to call me back.

So I think I better update my questions in the system instead of leaving a voicemail to ask him to cancel my order.

BTW, I just get my Duet from store in Hong Kong an hour ago.

Spent 10 mins to install everything and enjoying it when I typing this post.

After I received confirmation from him to cancel my order, I will place another order to buy an additional receiver.

Hope my next order will be trouble free.

2008-07-04, 12:30
I'm very sorry about this.

The entire US staff is on Holiday on July 3rd and 4th for our Independence Day.

Matt was also on vacation from Tuesday the 1st of this week, but his co-worker Clay was there. He may not have been aware of your situation however.

Again please accept my apologies, and someone will contact you about this first thing Monday morning.

BTW I looked up your order and it was canceled.


2008-07-04, 23:47
Sorry! I thought only 4 July is the holiday for Independent Day.

Thanks a lot for your assistance on my case.

I played Duet for a day now and I am really happy with it.

Especially after I mod it with Chinese character support in controller's display.

Hope Chinese & Japanese will be officially be supported soon, no need to mod it myself.

I am sure I will place another order in on-line store to order more receivers.

Hope this order will be smooth.

2008-07-07, 08:45
I just placed new order in Slim Devices online store to buy more Squeezebox Receiver.

Hope this order will be smooth and I can still use the "Customer Appreciation Discount" in my last canceled order.

2008-07-07, 08:51
Hi Ronald,
Let me apologize for the way this order went. We have recently begun using the same system as our technical support team, we are still getting used to it and unfortunately your issue fell through the cracks. I will make sure your order leaves today with a customer appreciation discount for the inconvenience.

2008-07-07, 08:59
> Matt Parry
> Logiotech SMBU

(should get his signature fixed :-))

I would love too except our system does not let us store our sigs and it has a horrible spell check. Which ends up allowing my horrible typing skills to shine.

2008-07-07, 09:04
Thanks a lot for your quick response.

Hope your team can overcome the problem as soon as possible and all my future orders will be as smooth as my previous orders.

I really love my new squeeze box duet and my old replaced SB2.

I will introduce it to my friends in Hong Kong to include duet in their audio system.