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Nick F Ryman-Tubb at MindsI
2004-03-13, 03:26
Hello Dean

Thanks for the fast reply. After having checked, I found that the system had
been hijacked by some sort of "adware" which I removed, the slim server
service now seems to use almost no processor time on idle - I cannot think
what it was doing before. I check that it was not scanning the library etc.
All is ok now but I will keep my eye on it!


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That's very strange, it shouldn't use more than 1% of CPU time when
idling. Is it possible it's still scanning your music library or
importing the iTunes Music Library or MoodLogic information?


On Mar 12, 2004, at 1:25 PM, Nick F Ryman-Tubb at MindsI wrote:

> I have noticed that despite none of the Squeeze boxes being turned "on"
> (just displaying time), the slim-server seems to be using 30%+ of my
> processor time. I have an XP box 2.8Ghz, 1GB RAM, but I am not sure
> why a
> server which ought to be idle is using so much processing time being
> idle?
> I am on version 5.1.1 and wonder if there was perhaps a problem here?
> Nick
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