View Full Version : Cannot load Squeezecenter in WM6 browser

2008-07-02, 22:18
This problem has been driving me nuts for the last 6 months or so. I have an HTC 8925 which I want to stream music to from my Slimserver. The phone has no trouble connecting using TCPMP (...:9000/stream.mp3), but I have no way of controlling what is played through the phone, as no browser will open (slimserver):9000 or (slimserver):9000/handheld. I ultimately want to be able to (using Hamachi) stream my music anywhere over 3G or Wifi.

When I first got the phone (before Squeezecenter), I had no trouble loading the web interface, though it was noticeably quicker when I did so using Hamachi. I have tried many different programs (Internet Explorer, Opera, Slimremote, etc.) all without positive results. Slimremote even seems to connect, but does not find a player or any music. What I don't understand is how the media player can connect successfully to slimserver when the web interface is nowhere to be found.

Thanks in advance for any help or ideas.