View Full Version : shutting off at a specific time

2008-07-02, 13:05

Every morning at 7:30 i use the alarm function to start up my squeezebox in my kitchen to enjoy the morningradio.

My wife is at home at the moment so it stays on the entire day/evening.

In the evening i have to put it manually off.

Is there a solution so that like the alarmfunction i can put in a time to poweroff the specific SB?

thks for thinking

2008-07-03, 05:40
Your SqueezeCenter will need to do this. Probably many ways to do this, a cron script (Linux, etc.) or a Scheduled Tast (Windows) would work well.

Either way you will would use the CLI to issue the command ("<playerid> power 0", see CLI documentation (http://www.marina.obradovic.com/html/docs/cli-api.html#power) where <playerid> is the SB MAC address)

Maybe there is a plugin that also does this?