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2008-07-02, 09:12
I have SS7.0.1 and am trying to get one track to fade into the subsequent track without any gap - in other words, continuous music.

I have Crossfade selected - but there's a gap of a couple of seconds silence, even with the duration set to zero.

Have I misunderstood the function?
How do I achieve what I want?

Many thanks in advance

2008-07-02, 09:57
The duration is the amount of *overlap* of the two tracks. So setting it to zero is the same thing as turning off crossfade. Try setting it to something like 5 seconds to see if you get the desired result.

Also note that in SC 7.0.x crossfade (as well as gapless playback) is not available if you are streaming to multiple synchronized SBs. That capability should be added in a subsequent release of SqueezeCenter, probably 7.2.

2008-07-02, 12:53
Thanks for putting me right. Seems to work OK :)

Kind regards