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2008-07-01, 21:48
Is there any way to get the Wolfgang's vault concerts through the Duet or SB?

2008-07-01, 22:50
Yes, at least with my SB3 and SS 6.5.4, using the plugin Wave Input. It grabs the sound off your PC's sound card and routes it into the server portion of your system. Search for Wave Input and you will find it. I don't know if it works with SC or not.

I enjoy Wolfgang's Vault, for the opportunity to hear many performances that are downright historic and certainly won't happen again. And, it was with WV in mind that Wave Input lit the mental light bulb for me. However, routing that signal through a higher quality audio system, presumably, exposes how crappy most PC sound cards are, and how crappy many of the WV recordings are. Make no mistake, I love to listen, but many of their shows have average or lower sound quality at best.

I've bought sound files from the site - they've come as 256 K MP3 files. These sounds much better than the average WV stream, that could be how they choose which ones they sell. The quality issue might also be a function of what quality they use to stream (I don't know what that is)

Good luck to you.

2008-07-02, 01:35
Before the Squeezebox I had a Philips device that worked like the SB in that it would stream whatever the computer was playing to my stereo. It installed as an alternate sound card and it worked pretty good actually. Pretty simple but the only problem was that it streamed everything once started. Some of the newer ones I think have eliminated the problem by letting the program choose the soundcard. Anyway it's sites like this that makes me think I should hook it back up along with the SB. This looks like a very entertaining site, thanks for bringing it up.