View Full Version : Scanning problem: Artist for every song, but 0 Artists total

2008-07-01, 18:49
I'm running Squeezecenter 7.0.1, and it's having a problem scanning my music. Specifically, it will appear to finish a scan successfully (finds all 10,000+ songs, and I can play them fine on the Squeezebox), but it chokes in creating the Artist list. It says I have 10,000+ songs, hundreds of albums, but no artists. So I can browse and play by either song or album, but not by artist. However, when I do play a song, it knows what the artist is. So it appears that it is reading the tags in the music files correctly, but that it is failing to create some sort of master artist index.

Looking at the log, I see this error:

[08-06-27 12:01:04.9561] Slim::Utils::SQLHelper::executeSQLFile (85) Error: Couldn't execute SQL statement: [INSERT INTO contributor_album (role,contributor,album) SELECT DISTINCT role,contributor,album FROM contributor_track,tracks where tracks.id=contributor_track.track;] : [DBD::mysql::db do failed: Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails (`slimserver/contributor_album`, CONSTRAINT `contributor_album_ibfk_1` FOREIGN KEY (`album`) REFERENCES `albums` (`id`) ON DELETE CASCADE) at /Users/jensen/Library/PreferencePanes/SqueezeCenter.prefPane/Contents/server/Slim/Utils/SQLHelper.pm line 83, <$fh> line 36.

Any help is appreciated.