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2008-07-01, 11:24
Hi there

I think from reading the forums that if I download the latest nightly release I will get access to MusicIP on my Controller (by holding down the play button).

If so - could someone explain simply how I do this? I am running Windows, so do I just download the latest version of Windows exe file and install the new version of Squeezecenter? Will my controller automatically update, or do I need something else (Jive?).

Apologies if this is explained elsewhere but I have looked and am fairly new to this so some guidance would be most welcome. Thank you.

Am I likely to introduce any major problems in my set up if I download the latest version? Is there a date when 7.1 is expected to be released officially?

Thanks very much for your help.

2008-07-01, 12:30
> If so - could someone explain simply how I do this?

A good starting point:


2008-07-01, 14:11
Thank you.

Worked this out now. Just needed to download 7.1 from the nightlies page and apparently my Controller should update automatically.

Hasn't yet but I will give it a bit of time.