View Full Version : XP Pro - Service won't start ? Claims 'Problem:Thereisalreadyanother copy of the SlimServer running on this machine ?

Chas Cockshoot
2004-03-11, 15:05

Thanks for the advice - nc started without issue. However a full rebuild or O/S identified the issue. Installed SlimServer 1st & it started without issue. Added drivers and found that the server hang occoured after by the installation of Realtek AC97 drivers for the on board soundcard ALC658(Motherboard is a Giga GA-8KNXP - Intel 875P chipset.). Removing this driver (v4.5) & associated s/w resolved the issue

I downloaded the latest driver from http://www.realtek.com.tw/downloads/dlac97-2.aspx?lineid=5&famid=12&series=8&Software=True (v4.94) and installed just them not the additional auto detetc software and it's working fine.

Again thanks for the help and hope the info above is of some use to somebody, sometime

Now to get started...


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Subject: [slim] XP Pro - Service won't start ? Claims 'Problem: Thereisalreadyanother copy of the SlimServer running on this machine ?

> On Thu, 2004-03-11 at 05:27, Chas Cockshoot wrote:
> > Thanks - Yep have checked the firewall is disabled on XP - Also tried
> > with box detached from ASDL Router to ensure that was not causing an
> > issue. I used tcpview and could see an SYN attempt on port 9000 (for
> > the http) but no relevant UDP calls.
> If you have netcat available, just for fun try 'nc -l -u -p 3483' and
> see if netcat can set up a listener. That will tell you if the problem
> is in SlimServer or somewhere in your XP network stack.
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