View Full Version : A funny (?) thing about playlists not updating

2008-06-30, 10:16
Using Media Center 12 and SqueezeCenter 7.0.1, I'm facing the following problem: On MC12 I've created several playlists, of which I'm editing one, ie. I'm moving titles from that one into other playlists. All playlists are then exported to C:/User/Music. At this point I'm working in MC12. Then I go to SqueezeCenter and click Settings/Rescan Playlists. Still, when opening the corresponding playlists in SC, the files which I had just moved, still appear in the SC playlist.
I've tried deleting the playlist from C:/User/Music and then exporting it again, but still nothing happens. Any ideas? Or did I succeed in explaining my problem at all?

ole k