View Full Version : Squeezebox Connectivity Problems with D-Link Access Point(DWL-2000AP)

Dan Crosby
2004-03-11, 13:03

I had a similar problem with a Dlink (DWL-900AP+). Had to set the Channel
from it's default of 6 to 1 to get it to recognise the squeezebox


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I got my Squeezebox today at work (with SlimServer 5.1), and connected it to

the network with an ethernet cable. It performed a firmware update.
Everything was swell. I packed it up and brought it home, where I have a
D-Link access point (DWL-2000AP). I've turned off WEP (I tried both shared
and open auth), I don't have any MAC filters, and I'm using an eight
character SSID (all alphabetic characaters). When I try to connect to my
wireless network, it generally times out, but I sometimes get a garbled
display on the SqueezeBox, with lots of characters like "%()". At this
point, if I start randomly pressing buttons on the remote, I manage to get
the Squeezebox to connect about one out of ten times. If I do manage to
connect, it tells me to hold down the brightness key to start a firmware
update, which I do (I'm running 5.1.1 at home - am I correct in assuming
that moving from 5.1 to 5.1.1 requires a firmware update?). It then says
it's ready to begin the update ... and then nothing happens. I have to
unplug the unit, and then I'm back to where I've started.

I only had about a half an hour at lunch to fiddle around with the device;
tonight I'm going to hook up the Squeezebox with an ethernet cable and try
to make it through the firmware update process. Is there a list of
wireless devices with know problems communicating with the Squeezebox? Or a
list of supported/tested wireless access points/routers? Has anybody else
had a similar problem? I looked through this forum, but there's no search
function, so I'm uncertain if I missed something.

Any thoughts?