View Full Version : Music Quiz - Am I just too stupid to find it?

2008-06-29, 14:42
Hi there,

I was fiddling with an ipod last week, I gave away and had to setup the first time, and again I did stumble upon that stupid quiz game that runs on those and obviously I had to stick with it for some rounds.
Yesterday I thought it might be a fun thing to have as a lan-based tiny little game...
long story short - slimtris being the only real game i know as a plugin for the squeezebox/server, it had to have struck me way earlier, but isn't that what the squeezebox would be a perfect device for...
The question is: Am i just too stupid to find it as a plugin or is there simply none?


2008-06-29, 15:09
I don't know of a quiz plugin.

2008-06-30, 03:42

anyone around who could code sth like this?

2008-06-30, 06:29
Probably, i dont know of anyone who would want to, i always though the iPod music quiz was naff. But maybe (surely) a better version could be done.

FWIW, I dont really see the need for games on the Squeezebox. On an iPod yes, because you could be out and about and it might the the only device you have access to. But at home people have PC's and consoles, or just other things to do. That's why, for all the talent there is around here, no one had ever put much effort into developing games. iPod's seem to be less about the music all the time, so it nice that music is still priority here.

2008-06-30, 11:28
well i wasn't trying to copy or compare the ipod with it's functions to the squeezebox. I don't own one, maybe that's why I thought that little quiz was fun to play for a couple of minutes...