View Full Version : Squeezebox won't play anything although connected

2008-06-28, 15:20
This week my squeezebox 3 stopped working. I tried a Factory default, reinstalled queezecenter with no luck.

At the moment I can see the squeezebox from the squeezecenter, I can borrow the library and Internet stations on both, but when I tried to play something it does not make anything.

Some info:
Wireless Router- Net Gear WPN824 (90% Signal Strenght)
Windows XP
Squeezebox 3


2008-06-28, 23:52
Have you tried restarting your computer, or even shutting it down completely and starting again?

I use a Mac, so the situation is not exactly comparable, but occasionally I have a similar problem which I can cure by these methods.

I take it you haven't made any changes to your firewall.

2008-06-29, 00:14
Has anyone messed with your stereo connections or inputs? Maybe double check your connections and input selection. Also volume on both SB and Stereo. Sometimes the simple things are the ones to mess you up. Always worth a check.