View Full Version : Using Duet Controller only with all ethernet setup?

2008-06-28, 08:27
I am not sure whether this issue has ben aired on this forum. If yes, my apologies. But here it is:
I am using under Vista and SC 7.0.1 four SBs (2SB2 + 2 SB3) ALL connected through a local electricity-plug-carried ethernet network with the appropriate Netgear equipment. This setup has been working fine for quite some time (years) now.
My question is: Can I use the Duet controller ONLY or do I also need a Duet Receiver?
My search into the Logitech documentation (Owner's Guide) leaves me with a doubt, as this documentation is based on the assumption that you have bought both a receiver and a controller together, whereas the two devices can be bought separately.
I have a suspicion but would appreciate a an answer.
With thanks

2008-06-28, 08:45
You will need either a wireless network or a SBReceiver.

2008-06-28, 13:45
Many thanks!