View Full Version : Fishbone left pane problems: not following color sheme, not linking to cover art.

2008-06-27, 14:41
In (still my favorite) skin Fishbone, the user can choose between two color
schemes, "Black" and "Tan". Having selected the Tan scheme, if I click on a
song in the right pane, the left pane song info comes up in the Black color
scheme. (BTW, I'd love to see more color scheme options.)

Additionally (should this maybe be a separate bug?) In earlier versions of
Fishbone, clicking on the left pane cover art thumbnail brought up a new window
in the browser with the full size cover art. This no longer works, thumbnail is
not recognized by the browser as a link.

Server is running on a OS X 10.4 machine, Firefox 3.0 browser running on 10.5
machine. Safari too.

I include a screen shot.

Bug filed:
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