View Full Version : Can SB extend my wireless network?

2008-06-26, 03:57
My router is in my bedroom. My SB is wired in my den at the other end of the house. Can it be used to improve my wireless network signal in the den?

2008-06-26, 12:29
In a word, no.

The SB3 has the ability to act as a wired -> wireless bridge, meaning it can have an ethernet device connected to it and can share the wireless connection with it, but there it no way for it to act as an access point or repeater.

2008-06-27, 03:57
So, what do I need? Another full-blown router or some other device?

2008-06-27, 06:30
An access point or a router, although routers are usually cheaper. Just disable all the DHCP & firewall stuff and connect your LAN to one of the switch ports (leave the WAN port empty).