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2008-06-25, 15:35
can anyone answer a questian i have regarding random play with my squeezebox
does random work with your music folders or does it only work with the squeezebox database,ive had conflicting answers the reason i ask is that i have missing albums from my database but are in my music folders if random play plays everything from my music folders is what im after

thank you

2008-06-25, 17:02
I am pretty sure -- but not 100% -- that random mix is selected from tracks in the database. Recall that the random mix function allows you to select which genres can be included in the random mix, and SqueezeCenter will only know that from the database.

2008-06-25, 20:28
Yes, random mix is selected from the database (that's all SC knows about, after all). If they're not in the DB then SC can't play them at all - even when you use Browse Music Folder and play from there they are first added to the DB. I'd look at why they aren't being scanned properly.

2008-06-26, 04:28
thank you for your replys

2008-06-26, 05:29
looks like ive found the problem the missing albums are in my artists section as no artist here were the stats i found 19 albums with 3489 songs by 2 artists,so they should play in random but with no artist has the name