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2008-06-25, 07:48
Hi all

I have 3 duet receivers and one controller, running squeezecenter 7.0.1 on windows XP. Each receiver works fine when used on its own. But when I synchronize all three and plays any MP3 file (not internet radio) the playback begins, stops after no more than 4-5 seconds, returns to the beginning of the track, tries to start again, and continues to do that until I hit pause. It has never managed to stumble beyond 20 seconds of playback.

How do I get these three receivers to synch up and work. It's odd that they work fine when usued individually.

Thanks in advance

PS to tech support - the email support form on this site gives errors when you try and submit a tech support enquiry, which is why I am here!

2008-06-25, 10:22
I would call tech support. It's toll free in the US.


2008-06-25, 22:41
Thanks for the advice - I am actually in the UK and the logitech support I called were not as helpful as I hoped.

After a bit experimentation I appear to have found a fix myself. One of the reeivers has quite a low wireless signal strength (around 20%) so I moved it to improve its reception, and now the synchronization is working okay.

There is still quite a clearly discernible timing difference between the playback from the different receivers, however - less than a second, but still enough you can tell. I'll experiment with the player delay settings when I get the chance to see if I can get rid of that.

2008-06-26, 19:32
I would call tech support. It's toll free in the US.


Mike, I noticed that the website support request forum wasn't working for me either. Perhaps you can pass that on to whoever you need to in order to fix it?

As recently as a few days ago it gave the following error when trying to submit a request: