View Full Version : New SB3 Display Corruption

2008-06-24, 22:13
I just got my third SB3. This one is a bit funny though - when I first plugeed it in I I got the Logitech logo and then strange square blocks on screen, and I couldn't get a response from it to configure it.

So I pulled the power cord out, got the logo again and while that was on screen hit the power button or an arrow, can't remember, and got the usual config screen...but it seems like the firmware is a bit corrupt.

I tried the re-program Xlinix thingy and that did not work.

It seems to be working fine but it isn't ideal...any ideas?

Julius D.
2008-06-25, 14:40
I would try a factory reset.

Instead of pressing the number 1 during boot up as you did with the xilinx reset, press the ADD (+) button.

If that doesn't work, contact support at support@slimdevices.com and they will be able to help you out.