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2008-06-24, 09:02
im running slimserver 7.0
the problem i have is when i go to artist then go through their albums some are missing but when i go to music folder they are there and play ok,how do i get the albums to all be under the artist,i rescan for new music every couple of days but doesnt put the missing albums to the artist,do i need to upgrade to latest slimserver,ive never changed any settings on my slimserver since a company installed it on my smart media server do i need to change settings if so which settings be gentle has im not to familar with the settings and pages
another question if i use the random play would the random play play tracks from the music folder as well as the artists section so basically play everything[40,000 plus tracks]
thank you for any help

2008-06-24, 11:27
sounds like you have some issues with your tagging, you might look into some threads in that forum heading

2008-06-24, 13:11
tagging seems to be ok,ive done a complete rescan took awhile to do but came back with same results
everythings there in music folder but things are missing when i do the artist search,i like to play my music with random play if i go to 1 my music folder then hit the random play will it play tracks from all my collection or 2 just tracks from the artist section were things are missing if 1 is ok then i can live with it


2008-06-25, 13:10
i'm almost positive, it will play everything it sees in the "Music Folders"
alast I almost always use the Browse -> Music Folders --- sometimes the "New Music" as I've grew quite a collection and cannot remember everything I bought recently (-;

2008-06-25, 13:40
If these are compilation albums then they may not show up on an Artist search, as Squeezecenter sees them as "Various artists" or whatever parameter you have set. Try doing a song search for one of the missing tracks, does it come up that way?

If so, try switching off "Group Compilation Albums together" setting and do a full clear and rescan. Does it work now?

2008-06-25, 15:29
looks like i have tag problems with some of the missing albums but not all,most missing albums are ordinary albums with just a few compilations

on the random play some people say it will random your music folders and some say it will only random the database,ill do a seperate post on the subject

thank you for your replys

2008-06-26, 05:25
i went to the artist section then found a no artist in there with these stats 19 albums with 3489 songs by 2 artists,does this mean these are the missing albums/tracks and are in the database but as no artist


2008-06-26, 23:40
One thing I always check first when something is wrong in the database is to
check for APE tags. I did some tagging with that earlier but no more. A mix
of tags quite ofte leads to strange results. Today I just delete all APE tags
with mp3tag.

2008-06-27, 01:01
Tags are SO important. The best thing you can do is go through your collection checking out and fixing the tags on everything using mp3tag or whatever until you are sure everything is right and then make sure you check the tags of every new addition to the collection before you add it to the library. It could be a mammoth task but worth it.

2008-06-27, 11:03
thank you for your replies
i did have some albums in ape which were converted the flac sp it looks like these will have both tags

ive downloaded mp3tag when i opened the programe i changed the directory to z drive were my music is stored and it started to scan which i stoped is this right should i let it scan the complete music files[40.000 which over 3000 is wrong] what happens after its scaned what do i need to do it looks very complicated to me as im a bit of a noob on this tagging


2008-06-27, 12:00
The wiki is your friend: http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.php/Mp3tagGuide

2008-06-29, 05:25
The wiki is your friend: http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.php/Mp3tagGuide

thank you ive just started the retagging of my missing albums at least i can nip this in the bud before the problem got bigger