View Full Version : SB3 no longer can see SqueezeCenter

2008-06-24, 08:54
Hi all,

Long time owner of Squeezeboxes, but have a new problem that cropped up. I've been using my SB3 to listen to SqueezeNetwork for a while, and after 6 weeks wanted to return to my SqueezeCenter (SC).

Well, I changed over to my SC as the source (entering the IP), and while the SC can see that the SB3 is connected to SqueezeNetwork, whatever I do the SB3 will not see the server.

I've done a hard reset on both ends, no luck. the SB3 can only see SqueezeNetwork, and cannot see my SC. And the SC can see that the SB3 is around and connected to the SqueezeNetwork (the SB3 shows up in my list of devices, but asks to switch the SB3 when selected), but alas no connection comes around.

Any ideas? This is on Windows XP, 7.0.1.

2008-06-24, 11:53
Just applied the June Windows updates and now my duet receiver cannot talk to the SC on win2003 server. Old squeeze boxes still can though...

Anoop M.
2008-06-24, 13:05
What firewalls and antivirus do you have on your computer?

Seems like something is blocking communication between your Squeezebox and your computer.

The ports that need to be open are TCP 9000 and TCP & UDP 3483

2008-06-24, 19:21
Well I don't have a firewall on this particular box. But still there's that small fact that my SB3's are talking just fine but the duet receiver won't speak...
I do have another slimserver on the net (on a NAS) and I did switch the duet from windoze server to NAS -- following which I couldn't get back. Only other change to the environment was the June MS update.

Interesting follow-on:
For grins I switched one of my (working) SB3's from windows slimcenter to the NAS one...and can't get back. SOmething Microsoft did in the June updates is blocking new connections....

Last notes in the saga:
Apparently not Windows update, though I did remove 2 of the June 11 "fixes" so maybe it was one of them. But...I reset the duet receiver and it connected to the squeeze center on windows server again. Did same for my SB3 that had lost its head. Both can now switch back and forth between my SC's at will. Perhaps it was the latest codes updates on those? I'm done troubleshooting.