View Full Version : Can the flatscreen be used to display the same content as on the controller??

Philip Davidson
2008-06-24, 00:10
I just got my sqeezebox setup yesterday and have to say "LOVE IT!!" It was so easy to get up and running. The graghics displayed on the controller would be nice to also display on my large flat screen. Is this possible? I plan on using the squeeze box to stream music for parties/bis entertainment. It would be nice to direct the music info/display from the screen on the controller to the home theater flat screen for all present in the room to note the current artist/title/and album art.
GREAT job guys.

2008-06-24, 00:32
If you have a computer connected to the flat screen then it will be possible at a future date. There is a PC version of the Controller interface under development at the moment.

In the meantime you can do a similar thing with the Windows front end called Moose. It runs on a Windows machine, shows you what is currently playing and lets you control your SBs.


You could of course just open the SC web interface, but I think Moose would probably provide a better experience for party guests (the album art and fonts are bigger for a start).